I help others with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) find relief and have more using low FODMAP nutrition counseling. Work with me!

Who I work with:

My area of expertise is working with individuals with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), celiac disease and other digestive conditions. Some of the areas I can help clients who work with me include:

  • Implementing the low FODMAP plan to manage bloating, gut issues and other not-so-fun digestive symptoms.
  • Fine-tuning the low FODMAP diet into an individualized plan that can be manageable for life.
  • Meeting other health goals while following a low FODMAP plan like weight loss, weight maintenance or weight gain.
  • Finding an overall balance with the low FODMAP diet, because health can be so much more than just nutrition.

Am I a good fit for you?

  • You’re willing to make at least a three month commitment to achieving your health goals.
  • You’re NOT interested in a cookie cutter diet plan, but instead want a personalized approach with unique strategies that can be used to promote YOUR lifelong health.
  • You have clear goals, but want a go-to person for support, guidance and questions along the way.

What you can expect if you work with me?

  • A comprehensive evaluation and understanding of your unique situation.
  • An individualized nutrition plan tailored to fit within your lifestyle
  • One-to-one support to get you where you want to be
  • Strategies, recipes, resources, motivation and fun to guide and support your journey